As the buzz about veganism and plant-based diets continues to grow, you may be wondering whether you should try out a vegan diet. Although veganism and vegetarianism have been practised since ancient times for a variety of reasons, it has become an increasingly popular lifestyle over the last few decades. It is only natural to ask why is that?

Why Vegan Diet?

Well, there are more than a few reasons. The main reason is the health benefits, to put it simply, a plant-based diet makes you feel good and detoxes your body. However, there are moral, environmental and some other reasons as well. We looked into a recent study by Oxford Martin School researchers, and the results were overwhelmingly clear that there's more than personal benefits that people pursue when going vegan.

But is it really just health-consciousness and eco-awareness that has caused the immense popularity of vegan diets?

Studies show that around 90% of people sign up for a vegan diet do so due to animal rights concerns, health reasons and environmental reasons. The rest has some influence from social media. That’s what we are here to do as well, show an alternative way of living for the benefit of, well everyone.

In today’s world, everyone loves to take photos of meals and share them on different social media platforms. Just like that, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have helped circulate various brightly-coloured vegan recipes and delicious dishes to help improve the long-held reputation of vegan diet being nothing but tasteless greens.

Furthermore, due to the significance and increasing popularity of vegan diets, plant-based products are more readily available than ever. Many delicious food items are being developed to make the life of vegans easier (and tastier).

To show how much of a difference a vegan diet truly makes in the world, a vegan diet promotes —

· Reduced animal agriculture and animal cruelty.

· Promotes a healthy lifestyle.

· Reduces the risk of diseases like insulin resistance and cardiovascular diseases.

· Weight loss.

· Reduce Deforestation.

· Help meets global food demand.

· Reduce pollution from factory farming.

· Reduce groundwater pollution from meat production wastes.

· Promotes sustainable farming methods.

· Restore the ocean’s ecosystem by decreasing commercial fishing.

· Reduces carbon dioxide emission and global warming.

As you can see, there are countless reasons that influence people to follow plant-based or vegan diet. If you look for personal reasons, the promising health benefits of vegan diets are sufficient. Otherwise, looking externally there are many environmental and moral reasons that motivate people to go vegan and contribute to global welfare.

If you like the concept of a vegan lifestyle, but it is not possible for you to just cut out all the meats or the foods you grew up eating, that’s ok. You can start slowly, why not begin the journey by choosing plant-based ingredients over animal-derived ones and cutting down the amount of meat-based meals you have a week. Call it science, call it nutrition, call it humanity. Whatever. Whether you want to vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian. The bottom line is that plant-based diets are good for you and better for everyone else. Try it for your next meal!