Tofu Salad



To lead a healthy lifestyle is about balance, but that’s not news to anyone. We have been told this by generations before us and a glimpse into some of the world’s healthiest pockets of people, point to a more traditional way of life, both in diet and lifestyle. 


To truly live healthily is to enrich your life with wholesome substance, be it through nutritional and real food, through taste and recipes that have been passed on for centuries or through the people you share these meals and experiences with.

We believe every Australian should have access to convenient, affordable, healthy and delicious meal options, that’s why we work hard with our partners to bring a bounty of delicious foods that can help you feel whole and whilst fueling a balanced lifestyle. 


More than just food, we are a collection of like-minded people to bring you centuries of expertise so you can eat better, live better and most important be a part of a greater solution that is truly good for you and the community.

Home Grown Vegetables